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Işıkal Law Office was established by Alper Işıkal, attorney at law, with the aim of providing fast and effective legal support and advisory services to its clients in many areas of law, in accordance with the requirements of the local and international business world, with a solution-oriented approach, and with the consciousness, that time is a non-recoverable phenomenon.


Offering its expertise in Real Estate and Construction Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Energy Law, Zoning Law, Intellectual Property Law, Contracts Law, Labour Law, Litigation and Enforcemet Law, Administrative Law and other legal areas for the benefit of its clients, Işıkal Law Office will continue its activities in the light of its goals and principles.


Işıkal Law Office offers its experience and know-how in various areas for the benefit of its clients, prioritizing clients’ requests and satisfaction with top-level mutual understanding regarding all solutions it offers. The primary goal of  Işıkal Law Office is to provide solution-oriented legal services to its clients through its team of attorneys, all components and experience in their respective areas.


Işıkal Law Office aims to provide its clients legal support and consultancy services through working standards at the highest level, thanks to its vision it has established in accordance with the continuously-changing dynamics of law. Within the said goal, the Firm considers taking any initiative for establishing international partnerships and/or collaborations as a responsibility towards its clients.


  • To operate institutionally, in accordance with the ethics and dignity of the law profession,

  • To strictly adhere to the principles of honesty, secrecy, and scientific approach,

  • To value knowledge and experience, and to continuously keep such knowledge effective for clients,

  • To seek solutions positively, within the framework of shared wisdom to be established through effective communication with clients,

  • To continuously share a prudent perspective with clients, in order to prevent problems,

  • To adopt and maintain a discipline of working within the principles of law,

  • To offer clients solutions that satisfy the needs of the global business world,

  • To be open for national and international collaborations,

  • To acknowledge accessibility as a value.

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