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Latin America

Middle East

North America

Russia and CIS

Many sectors...

Construction and Infrastructure

Real Estate

Asset Management

Banking and Finance

Corporate Lending

Industry and Trade

Retail and Consumer

Food and Beverage


Renewable Energy and Natural Resources

Technology, Media and Telecommunication

Data Protection


Real Estate Law

The Işıkal Law Office delivers a complete range of client-focused services to investors, financers, buyers and sellers in real estate transactions and disputes, including:


  • legal analysis, drafting, negotiating, and reviewing of real estate related agreements such as lease agreements, real estate development and management agreements, construction agreements (FIDIC-based), architecture agreements

  • leasing transactions, establishment and cancellation of rights such as mortgage, servitude, construction, and usufruct

  • acquisition and sale of real estate

  • all procedures involving land registry directorates, municipalities, and tax offices

  • disputes arising from real estate matters such as unlawful occupation, eviction, confiscation without expropriation, and zoning

Commercial and Corporate Law

Our lawyers share their comprehensive expertise gained through their long experience in providing legal advice and support in some of the most important and notable transactions to strengthen our clients’ abilities to get the best results from their businesses and investments. These include:


  • incorporation of companies and all other transactions regarding the continuity of companies, such as keeping commercial books, conducting general assemblies, amendments of articles of association, capital increases, and other changes to the corporate structure and governance of our clients’ businesses

  • liquidation of companies

  • due diligence services

  • mergers and acquisition, sale agreements

  • share transfers

  • executing shareholder agreements

  • project finance agreements

  • bankruptcy litigation


Energy Law

The Işıkal Law Office serves domestic and foreign, real and legal entities in the energy sector, with services such as:


  • due diligence for the corporate operations in the energy sector

  • environmental and zoning issues

  • regulatory reviews

  • project finance agreements

Immigration Law

The Işıkal Law Office guides its clients along with a secure and fast roadmap in order to:


  • apply to obtain a residence permit and Turkish citizenship

  • objections and appeals, if necessary

  • prepare the required documents and the necessary interviews


Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation Law

The Işıkal Law Office represents its clients in disputes before local courts, in mediation, and in national and international arbitration in every legal specialty that we practice. We deliver creative solutions that are tailormade for client’s needs and objectives whether it is:


  • cautionary attachment

  • execution proceedings

  • foreclosure of mortgage

  • judicial sale of movable and immovable properties

  • filing a lawsuit, appealing to the higher/supreme court

  • applying for mediation and/or arbitration

  • trademark application, objection, infringement by unjust competition and determination and prevention of breach of trademarks

  • applying to the related institutions and organizations

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